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ClawsMail vs Thunderbird vs Spicebird

Posted by yamanickill on January 26, 2009

I have been getting increasingly annoyed with Thunderbird, as it hasn’t had a lot of work done on it, and Thunderbird 3.0 is looking like it is going to take ages to come round. Once it comes out I’ll try it. So…I found this cool program called Spicebird. However…it didn’t quite cut it.

I recently moved to Crunchbang Linux, and realised there was a very cool program that is installed by default. It is called Claws Mail. So I decided to try it.

There are many good things about it, and there are a few rubbishy things about it. Thing is, it seems like a program that wasn’t designed for ease of use. It is very powerful, very configurable, but very hard and confusing.

For example…I wanted to view html emails. I thought this would be simple. But it wasn’t.

1. sudo apt-get install claws-mail-html2-viewer
2. Go to Configuration > Plugins
3. Click on Load and go to /usr/lib/claws-mail/plugins and choose gtkhtml2_viewer.so
4. Configuration > Preferences > Message View > Text Options
5. Untick “Render html messages as text” and tick the 2 below it.
6. Configuration > Preferences > Plugins > GtkHtml2Viewer
7. Tick “Load remote images in mail” If you want it to.

So yeah…7 steps to view html messages in Claws mail.

So maybe it’s not the easiest. But it certanarily is the most configurable I’ve used in a long time. If you’ve not used it, then I would say use it. NOW.


4 Responses to “ClawsMail vs Thunderbird vs Spicebird”

  1. ScottGladstone said

    All I have to say is…

    HTML email = eugh.

  2. Alistair McKinlay said

    In general, Scott, I agree with you.

    But, say, an email newsletter that is in HTML. I still want to read it don’t I?

  3. Anonymous said

    Obviously you have to install the plugin in, and then loading it is a reasonable thing to have to expect. Points 1 to 3 are moot. Points 4 to 7 aren’t necassary to view the html part – you can just select it from the mimeparts icon list on the right. Point 4 is not necessary at all. (It just means that when you are not using an HTML rendering plugin, the tags will be stripped and simple tag/entity conversion will be performed, allowing you to view html as plain text.) Points 5 to 7 just make it quicker, easier, more convenient for those that like want the particular behaviour – they are not required.

    So really just 2 steps; install the plugin and load it.

    Ot no steps at all if you just want to ‘view’ it.



  4. Alistair McKinlay said

    I will agree that some of my steps were unfair, yes. But I dunno…I just don’t see why it can’t have html viewing built in thats all.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Claws Mail, its just in Thunderbird one just clicks on the email and one sees it in html.

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